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aboutIn 2000, Ruben Mayor becomes an officer in the Swiss army, he improves his sense of organisation, management and rigour.

Fanatic of jobs related to images, he takes a radical turn in his professional career path.

Ruben gets formed on the software 3Dsmax, with which he naturally turns to special effects, the VFX will be his goal to reach, whatever the price.

He participates and leads numerous forums in the 3D world, 3Dscool, CGTalk, 3DVF... Forums, which allow him to get in touch with professionals of this branch, precious mentors whom comfort him in the direction he has taken.

Extremely perfectionist, Ruben refuses to approach any studio, he wants to be satisfied of his job before satisfying someone else.

His spectacular quest urged him to develop specific tools, he self-teaches himself on the technical languages of the most commonly used applications in production, Maxscript, python, c++...

Ruben is much attached to share his knowledge, in this spirit, he gets in touch with Jean Yves Arboit, charismatic personality in the 3D community in Europe. This man will introduce him in the Supinfocom Group and CGItrainer, where Ruben will provide courses as teacher.

He will make many travels from Switzerland up to Belgium or North of France to insure his formations.

In 2007, Ruben is Freelance and works on music clips, Broadcast productionscommercials. He will enjoy the free time between each production to sharpen is knowledge and learn new tools.

In September 2010, while continuing his teaching for the Supinfocom Groups and CGItrainer, Ruben integrates the nWave Digital studio in Belgium as FX TD on the feature animation film "Sammy's adventure 2 : Escape from Paradise". He will switch on Maya during that same period, will develop as well as on 3Dsmax production tools.

After that production, Ruben does not stop in Belgium, he integrates straight away the prestigious studio "The Mill" London, UK, in August 2011, where he works on many productions : Dredd, Merlin4, Sinbad, Dr Who, Sherlocks....

He will not hesitate a second to continue is quest of improvement by flying to Canada in February 2012 in Toronto, in the studio Mr. X inc. At that occasion, he will change a third time of main tool, by switching on Houdini where he will develop many other tools on Resident Evill Retribution, Carrie, Pompeii and other productions.

All along these visual productions, he will not stop at this action field, but he will create tools for other creation departments, listening and developing specific tool for each position, adapting the existing tools and improving constantly the production pipelines.

His quest is not over, eternal unsatisfied and hard to please with himself, Ruben Mayor has hunger to learn and create...

..Vincent Grieu