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Plugins for Houdini Part 2

Plugins for Houdini Part 2

Today I will show 2 plugins I wrote to give me more control when it comes to deletes points.

Many times, when you run when you run sims with collisions, you will have particles going through that object and continue to travel.

In fig. the particle turns red when it doesn't collide properly and goes through the object.

We can not just select those bad particles and delete them when they are inside or outside or collision object.

In fig. 2 I delete my particle when it goes through. Unfortunately, we can see it disappear in front of the camera.

In fig 3 I've selected all my bad particles and used them to get the id numbers to delete.


 In the next video, I'm using 2 custom sop I wrote. The first one deletes all the duplicate points. ie if I have 5 points with an id 5, it will keep the 1st one and delete the 4 others.

The second sop will compare the attribute value in the the 1st input and compare it to the attribute values of the 2nd input. If the value matches, it will delete the point.

The reason I am using a solver with a merge sop, in my workflow, is to be sure I capture all the points going out of my object, even if they are out for a single reason.

I can't just take the last frame as reference, some of the particles might be back inside my object and will then have issues later.

The playback speed is much better as well. 

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